Caravan for Climate Jobs: 12th - 25th May 2012

  • Fighting for a million new jobs

  • Fighting the threat of catastrophic climate change

Climate Jobs Caravan at Parliament on Sat 12 May 2012

"At long last somebody is bringing a positive solution to the economic and climate crises we face."

We face an ongoing economic crisis with unemployment heading towards three million and one in five young people out of work. We also face the prospect of catastrophic climate change which will pose an even greater threat to the future of our children and grandchildren.
We can start to tackle both these problems now by forcing the Government to create a million new jobs dealing directly with the introduction of clean sources of renewable energy and greater energy efficiency in our buildings and transport systems. By expanding cheap public transport, insulating our homes, and training people in green skills. All this can be done for a fraction of the amount the Government has put into keeping the banks afloat .
The Climate Jobs Caravan visited towns and cities across the UK to raise public discussion of how jobs lost locally can be replaced through the creation of the new industries and services that we need to ensure an environmentally sustainable future. Read more about the events around the country or download the report as a Word document. Find out more about local campaigning following the climate caravan by emailing one of the local contacts below or

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We are grateful to the following organisations for their support for the Caravan tour:

TSSA, PCS, UCU, Camden Unison, Portsmouth Unison, Southampton TUC, Brent TUC, Birmingham TUC, Islington NUT, East London Teachers Association, GMB @ PCS, SE Anglia CWU, Green Jobs Alliance, UCU South Thames College, UCU London Retired Members, Stockport Unison, Manchester Unison, Bolton Unison, Liverpool UCU, Cardiff Health Unite, CWU North West No. 1, Islington TUC.

We would also like to thank Sound Vs Systems for helping us by providing the PA systems for the vans:

Sound Vs Systems is a non profit tech collective, who's aim is to assist grass roots and activist groups in raising awareness and effecting social change. Creating sound systems out of recycled and reclaimed materials, powering them using 12v sustainable energy and provide excellent sound quality from waste that would otherwise be landfill.


Itinerary & local contacts


Route 1

Route 2

12 May – Edinburgh

12 May – London


13 May - Newcastle

13 May – Coventry

14 May - Derby

14 May – Cardiff
Caravan outside TSSA conference in cardiff with General Secretary, Manuel Cortes and other activists

15 May – Leeds

15 May – Birmingham

16 May – Stoke-on-Trent

Caravaneers meet locals in Hanley, Stoke.

16 May – Cambridge


17 May – Norwich

Campaigning in Norwich

18 May – Sheffield

18 May – Oxford

19 May – Liverpool


20 May - Huddersfield


21 May – Bolton

21 May – Southampton

22 May – Wigan

22 May – Portsmouth

23 May – Blackpool

23 May – Brighton

24 May – Lancaster

24 May - Redhill

25 May – Manchester

25 May – London

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