11-4.30, Sheffield College, Granville Road

In conjunction with the Sheffield Climate Alliance, the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group hasorganised a conference to take place in Sheffield on 19th September as the next step in organising climate jobs in the UK. It will link trade union and climate activists here with an international conference in Paris called by the International Trade Union Confederation and CaCCTU, in the run-up to the vital climate talks in December this year. The event will establish the connections between divestment from fossil fuels and investment in climate jobs to create warm, healthy homes; public transport with low fares; and renewable energy infrastructure.

The conference will be held at Sheffield College, which is an accessible location close to Sheffield train station. The event is supported by Sheffield Trades Union Council and Sheffield People's Assembly. This event is ideal for anyone who wants to see a real alternative to austerity, unemployment and fuel poverty. It will highlight the importance of training for new jobs to tackle climate change, and the significance of divestment for a safe future, especially for the youth of today.

There is a registration fee of £10, and concessions are £5.



One Million Climate Jobs
Tackling the Environmental and Economic Crises

Third Edition
Revised, expanded and updated

The Million Climate Jobs pamphlet is a fantastic tool for mapping the kind of climate justice future we should all be working towards. - Naomi Klein, author This Changes Everything

To halt climate change we need drastic cuts in the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we put into the air. That means leaving most of the existing reserves of high carbon fuels in the ground. We need workers to insulate and retrofit homes and buildings to conserve energy. We need workers to build enough renewable power to meet all our energy needs. And we need workers to maintain the new systems the future of humanity depends on.This booklet calculates and explains how we can allow for a just energy transition for workers, society and the planet.

This is the third edition of the ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ report, written with the support of trade unions and environmental groups. It has been completely revised, expanded and updated.

You can download the report or order copies for delivery (discounts for bulk purchases).

The Online Technical Companion is now available for download. This contains the footnotes, calculations and additional supporting documentation for the report.

This report has been produced by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union group in conjunction with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), Communication Workers Union (CWU), Fire Brigades Union (FBU), National Union of Students (NUS), Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), Transport Salaried Staffs Associationa (TSSA), Unite, the union (UNITE), and the University and College Union (UCU)


The pamphlet was launched at the The International Fight for Climate Jobs Conference on Sat 20 Sept in London - details here.


Time to Act! For a Future that Doesn't Cost the Earth - Protest March 7th 2015

We are already experiencing the effects of  a changing climate. The impacts are being  felt everywhere. The terrible floods which hit  Southern England in the winter, the extreme storms which devastated rail and roads, are the kind of events that will increase. As ever in these situations, as in others, it is the least well off that suffer the most. 

Instead of acting to reduce the use of fossil  fuels, rich multinationals and governments plan to extract even more. Cameron’s government have gone on a “dash for gas”, subsidising their friends in the fossil fuel industry to the tune of billions. They’re even changing the law and spending more money on pushing fracking. If governments keep expanding the use of fossil fuels instead of cutting them then we will be heading for 4-6 degree temperature rises. This is a recipe for disaster, a planet that will have an environment we won’t be able to live in. 
We have to demand action from our government, and stand up to big business and the huge vested interests who have put their profits ahead of the needs of everyone else and the planet. It’s Time to Act! On climate change. 
We can do something about this. 
  • We can create climate jobs in renewable energy and transport which reduce emissions and unemployment. 
  • We can insulate homes which reduce energy use and keep people out of fuel poverty.
  • We can fight to stop big business lobbying to stop international agreements that we need to reduce emissions. 
  • We can call for One Million Climate Jobs.




Why we need to create a million climate jobs

We face an economic crisis and an environmental crisis in Britain and across the world. We need solutions to both beginning now. Climate activists, and several national trade unions, are launching a campaign to make the government create one million green climate jobs. We have produced a pamphlet that explains how we can do that and why we must. To find solutions to the climate crisis and the recession, we need more public spending, the opposite of current government policy. We have people who need jobs and work that needs to be done. A million climate jobs in the UK will not solve all the economy's problems. But it will take a million human beings off the dole and put them to work saving the future. You can find out more by watching the One Million Climate Jobs film on our resouces page.

 The pamphlet is available for download here. Hardcopies can also be ordered.

National Climate Petition

The national petition calling for one million climate jobs has now been launched. Please sign it here.